A dentist can also make me orthodontic treatment?

No, Orthodontic Treatment or Maxillary Orthopedic Treatment be performed by the Specialist in Orthodontics and Orthopedic Maxillary, who has done Postgraduate studies after finishing his studies in dentistry.

It’s a great decision to choose the ideal treatment, and it is very important to choose who is going to do, so always look for an Orthodontist member of theWorld Federation of Orthodontists and/or American Association of Orthodontist, these Guilds supports Orthodontists who have completed the respective studies specialty.

What kind of braces are right for my problem?

Each problem can have multiple possible solutions, the kind of perfect brackets is one that minimizes the processing time, reduce patient discomfort, optimize the time of the patient and the Orthodontist, offer functional comfort and aesthetics, and get the best results.

How often should I have a dental cleaning?

During Orthodontic Treatment should be more frequent realization, the Orthodontist evaluates each control whether or not to perform this procedure.

On average you should see your dentist every 4 months to review the status of the teeth, gums, lips and other oral structures, that visit your Doctor determine the relevance of a dental cleaning.

All patients who have lost teeth may be the treatment with dental implants?

Implant choice of therapy should be strictly evaluated previously, factors such as three-dimensional quantity of bone in the area without teeth, nerves or surrounding anatomic structures, systemic diseases or habits of the patient, must be taken into account when planning implant treatment option

I have to get wisdom teeth extraction?

The decision to extract or not wisdom teeth or third molars, must be based on the initial diagnosis, patient age, location-based prognosis of these teeth, possible future complications among other considerations, it is important to bear in mind that in many cases affect the results of orthodontic treatment, becoming a decisive factor for these teeth extracted

What tests need for my treatment?

Although each patient may require different tests to diagnose your problem and design treatment, standardized tests are required in most cases Panoramic radiographs and / or Lateral Skull, photographs of the face and mouth, plaster study models or work and obviously a direct clinical analysis on the patient

How much is my Orthodontic Treatment?

Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment is an investment you should make a responsible manner, only with qualified professionals, human and ethical issues, using the best technology in equipment and materials and treatment planning can rationally expect the best results in your investment

How long does orthodontic treatment?

Each patient is different, so the same treatment, depending on age, the magnitude of the initial problem and the type of equipment that are chosen among other factors.